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srvctl start service; PRKP-1030 : Failed to start the service...ORA-44305: service ... is running

Just my idea. After I stoped service on RAC, and then need to start. But It had a problem.

$ srvctl start service -d DB -s S01 -i DB4

PRKP-1030 : Failed to start the service S01.
CRS-0215: Could not start resource 'ora.DB.S01.DB4.srv'

You can read from my blog

From Above Error, that's make me!... Bad, I can not start service.

So, I tried another idea... (try to force stop)

$ srvctl stop service -d DB -s S01 -i DB4
PRKP-1065 : Service S01 is already stopped on instance DB4.


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